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Jennifer Tzeng began her musical journey at the tender age of five, commencing her private violin studies. Under the tutelage of esteemed instructors such as Anne Crowden, Dan Kobialka, Zak Grafilo, James Greening-Valenzuela, and Leon Igudesman, Jennifer honed her craft with diligence and passion.

Her orchestral odyssey began at the age of seven, as she joined the Contra Costa Chamber Orchestra, distinguishing herself as the lead principal second violinist of the Oakland Youth Orchestra by age eleven. Jennifer has graced prestigious ensembles as concertmaster, including the Mill Valley Philharmonic, San Francisco State Symphony Orchestra, and Palo Alto Philharmonic. 

A recipient of scholarships to esteemed music programs such as the Yehudi Menuhin and Mendocino Music Festivals, Jennifer was honored with an invitation to serve as a guest faculty member at the InterHarmony Music Festival in Tuscany, Italy.

In addition to her classical repertoire, she captivates audiences as a versatile performing artist, blending her original compositions with both electric and acoustic violin. Her innovative approach extends to the realm of education, where she pioneers the True Violin Sound methodology—a project she has passionately developed over 14 years to democratize and personalize violin learning for a wider audience.

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